Tablet Computers

X2 provides a range of powerful tablet computers that will enhance productivity in a wide range of point of service applications including retail, hospitality, mobile workforce, gaming, logistics, warehousing and manufacturing.

Compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows® 7, XP and XP Pro Embedded as well as Windows® 7 Pro, XP Professional, Android or Linux, they can be easily integrated into any environment. We provide a range of custom mobile computing solutions for the most demanding point of service applications with high visibility screens with resistive touch for easy operation. Multi-touch and outdoor-viewable options are also available.

We can also provide tablet computers with integrated cameras and a range of fully-integrated options that offer added reliability and security over individual add-on components and provide seamless data capture for faster processing and transmission. 3G wireless WAN with GPS delivers enhanced mobility with wireless networking and optional RFID for inventory management applications.

The new generation of tablet computers will improve the efficiency of operational staff operating away from the office and offer full compatibility with terminal services and the new generation of server-based applications in an increasingly cloud computing-based world.

A comprehensive suite of accessories are available including charging racks, docking and mounting stations and brackets, battery management and a wide range of POS-centric applications.

X2 Computing Supplies Tablets to NYSE

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